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From the humble beer esky to factory fitted commercial walk in cold rooms and restaurant chillers, fridges come in all shapes and sizes, and today we’re looking at the WORLDS BIGGEST REFRIGERATORS!

You may have seen your neighbours new fancy all singing all dancing fridge freezer combo and felt a slight tinge of jealousy, but no matter how big you think it is, nothing can prepare you for how truly ENORMOUS they can be.

So where in the world or these ice giants?

First we look to the US, at the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market and their big fridge nicknamed the ‘world’s largest refrigerator’ houses a massive 2,800 tonne refrigeration system. Lorries actually back up to the facility and deliver fresh produce straight into the fridge and members of the public and traders can buy direct from the stall holders inside.

Next up, In the Russian city of Samara lies another chilled monster. In 1939 the Soviet Union converted a mine into a cold store to keep fishes in during the Second World War. Today, it chills a massive 16,400 tonnes of food at any one time. Keeping produce at low temperature of -26C by using Freon gas-powered refrigeration units.

However, for us to find THE BIGGEST FRIDGE IN THE WORLD (According to The Guinness Book of Records) we have to look, surprisingly, to CERNs Large Hadron Collider. This atom smashing machine has 9,300 magnets inside it which need to be cooled to a ridiculously low temperature of -271.3C to keep it operating.

It achieves this freezing feat by adding 10,800 tonnes of liquid nitrogen and 60 tonnes of liquid helium. That’s a lot of effort to keep it cold!

If we were to look more at domestic refrigerators we would find that Americans tend to own the largest fridges apparently coming in at around 22.5 cubic feet! Whereas here in Europe we find that our fridge size average is around a much more slender 9.7 cubic feet.

Now, if you do want keep up with the jones’ or perhaps you are planning an event, Cold Call Hire Has you covered. We may not be able to chill and store 16,400 tonnes of food like the Russians, But what we can do is provide a multitude of mobile walk in cold rooms measuring in at around 12ft³ each fitted with a Govi Arktik 2000P refrigeration unit and the ability to freeze to -20 C. Keeping your produce safe, chilled and hygienic. For more info.

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