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What sizes are the cold rooms?

At present we provide the following cold rooms:

12ft x 7ft

10ft x 7ft

Watch this space, as we will soon be expanding our fleet!

Do I need a trailer?

No, the cold rooms we provide are all fitted to a specially designed chassis, unique to Cold Call Hire

How do we receive the cold room?

One of our friendly staff members will drop the fridge unit off at a previously agreed location

How do I set up the fridge?

Upon arrival, we will set the fridge to the desired temperature for your business needs, and will show you how to work the cold room properly. If you have any queries or doubts during your rental, feel free to call us at any time.

How long can I keep the cold room?

For as long as the agreed contract. However, in some circumstances we can extend your hire. If you are in need of an extension please call us on 07879492281

Where should I keep cold room?

Wherever is easy for you to access the cold room, be that inside or out

What temperature can the fridges cool to?

From -20c to +10c and anywhere in between

What fridge units do the cold rooms run on?

GOVI Arktik 2000P Click Here for more info

Do the cold rooms come with racking?

We can provide coldrooms with full, half, and no racking. Please specify your needs upon request of booking.

What can I use them for?

For all occasions! Whether you're holding an event, in cases of a refrigerated emergency, or just extra cold storage. Click here to see a full list of occasions that require cold storage.

What happens if I have a problem?

If you have any issues with the cold rooms please call our 24 hour hotline on 07879492281


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