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Emergency Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial and industrial refrigeration is an important part of multiple industries. Here are some examples where refrigerated products and services are necessary;

Event corporations and wedding planners may use refrigerated products such as mobile cold stores for there ease of access and manoeuvrability, Restaurants and food chains may opt for built-in walk in cold rooms and freezers to chill their large stock, as well as a variety of other companies who handle food and produce, from caterers to supermarkets.

Its not just business that handle food or catering that need refrigeration either, Hospitals are a big user of cold stores relying on the them to chill a myriad of pharmaceutical products, Research labs also can be found using cold rooms and freezer units to test out a new line of products in the deep cold or chill to ambient temperatures. Of course, there are countless establishments concerned with proper storage and standard procedures and uses of refrigeration.

As you can see, the handling of food supplies and products in accordance with sanitary regulations and food safety which exist for these types of companies can make or break a business if the refrigeration product goes out.

So what do you do in an emergency situation where your cold storage system fails and all of your frozen or chilled products start to thaw?

This is where Cold Call Hire comes in. Not only do we supply cold stores tailored to any scenario in the entire north west, we actually specialise in emergency situations such as this. Our dedicated team are on standby 24/7 to take any and all emergency calls. If you are based in the north west and are in need of a highly mobile cold room fast, you can be rest assured that Cold Call Hire will provide a reliable, efficient and prompt service ensuring that your emergency needs are met in a professional and timely manner.

Serving all of the north west including areas such as; Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, North Wales, Stoke, Leeds, Lancaster, Blackpool and even as far as Hull, we pride ourselves in being the most prompt and most competitively priced cool solution we can be!

For more info on our cold rooms please click here and If you find yourself in a refrigeration emergency don’t hesitate to call us on 07879492281

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