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Staff Picks -Meet Sam

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Who are you?

My name is Sam Winterbottom, and I am the founder and owner here at Cold Call Hire.

What are your roles and responsibilities at Cold Call Hire?

As the founder of the company, I think its really important to have a very hands on approach. For example, I personally source our fridge and freezer cold rooms, as well as maintaining our stock on a day to day basis. I am in charge of answering our 24-hour emergency hotline, and overseeing all rentals, sales enquiries, and cold room deliveries.

Tell me about the team at Cold Call Hire?

We have a dedicated administrative team here at Cold Call Hire, who are responsible for the day to day runnings of the business, and are always available to answer email and telephone enquiries from potential customers. My fiancée Natasha is the company accountant, and also regularly updates our social media platform, by creating new posts and campaigns on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Being a bit of a tech nerd, I really enjoy this side of the business too, and so have created Cold Call Hire’s unique website.

What gave you the idea to start Cold Call Hire?

Before starting this business I was lucky enough do a lot of travelling for many different reasons, one of which was touring as a professional musician. I believe this gave me an insight into certain areas, such as event co-ordinating and festival planning. Through this I’ve spoken with many people; from organisers to caterers, and could see a gap in the market for a refrigerated hire company specialising in mobile fridge/freezer cold rooms.

What are your favourite things about the business?

As mentioned before, the nerd in me feels fulfilled by being involved in the tech side of the business. I love being able to meet new people everyday, as well as spending most of my working hours outdoors!

However, my absolute favourite thing in running this business, is that by being my own boss, I am able to work on my own initiative. As a bonus, I also get to work alongside my Fiancé, who’s invaluable input has helped me to make Cold Call Hire what it is today, and for that I am forever grateful.

What are the most important unique selling points (USP’s) of Cold Call Hire?

Natasha and I are a family business, therefore we know how stressful situations can be, so we make it our duty to provide the greatest customer service we can. Our fast responses and 24-hour Emergency call out service, means that wherever you are in the North of the UK; be it Hyde or Hull, our customers get the best solution to whatever the situation.

Do you have any hobbies outside of the refrigerated hire business?

Yes I have a few actually! As mentioned earlier, I used be a professional musician, and still play either for myself, or in bands. I can be a bit of a sci-fi nerd too!

For any further info about Cold Call Hire click here

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